Good Food Hub

About The Good Food Hub Kitchen

The Wolfville Farmers’ Market designed and installed The Good Food Hub Kitchen to further its vision "to better the health and vibrancy of our communities".

The kitchen makes it possible to provide high quality food programming, community gatherings and certified production facilities for growing food businesses.

When you invest in our programming you’re enhancing your own quality of life while contributing to a hub where others too can be nourished.

About The Good Food Hub Kitchen Coordinator

Selah Koile is a Registered Holistic Nutrition Counselor with 10 years experience cooking professionally, teaching workshops and counseling. Her expertise is in transforming food intolerances, digestive disorders, stress and anxiety with delicious, whole foods. She’s passionate about building a resilient local food movement.

About the Good Food Hub Workshop Fees

The Good Food Hub would like to provide needed financial support for those unable to afford the recommended cost of participation in our cooking classes ($50). If you are interested in sponsoring or covering the cost for another to attend, please contribute here. If registering yourself, we have a voluntary tiered registration fee, meaning you can choose the amount you feel you are able to pay.

These are the options you will be given when you register:
  • $50 plus tx (true cost/recommended)
  • $60 plus tx
  • $40 plus tx
  • $100 plus tx (I'd like to pay for someone else to attend)
  • I am unable to pay any of these amounts and wish to speak to someone about my options.

Upcoming Workshops

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