Wednesday Market Group Bookings

Every Wednesday from Victoria Day Weekend in May until Christmas, groups can come on Wednesday evenings from 4-7pm for a $10 Market Supper at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market. Groups as large as 80 can pre-book here.  Ideally we would want these groups to come between 4-4:45.   See the Menu attached and the easy steps to booking with us below.  

Attendees love our suppers because there is comfortable seating, clean washrooms, and a wide variety of amazing food at a good price with no waiting around at tables to be served.  Bus drivers like it because there is easy parking for them.   Organizers like it because they can make plans in advance and it serves two purposes:   showing their guests something of local significance while offering a dine with the locals experience.  Organizers also like the easy process for booking and the warm welcome.

“Supper at the market was a highlight for my large youth leadership group that we hosted at Acadia. It is simple, affordable, educational for visitors and most of all— delicious!”  said Alan Warner, Professor of Community Development at Acadia University.

Steps to Book a Group at the Wednesday Community Market Supper:

  • Fill in the Group Market Supper Booking Form Here!
  • In the form you will be asked to let us know when the group is coming, the size of the group and who to make invoice out to, how you would like to pay and who will be our contacts.
  • We will then invoice you for $10/person (tax included) by email and depending on how you would like to pay (paypal, cheque or cash on-site!), we will send you appropriate information with your invoice.
  • When the group arrives, the leader of the group can pick up tickets at the Information Booth at the entrance.  With advance notice, someone from the market would be happy to come on board the bus to welcome the group.
  • Give the group time to eat and browse to see that we have a rich agricultural heritage here in the Annapolis Valley.  There are a number of other vendors offering produce, wine, jams and jellies, jewellery, maple products, handmade soaps, cider and more.

If you have any questions at all, Kelly Marie Redcliffe would be please to help you  at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 902.697.3344.