Accessibility at the Wolfville Farmers Market



The Wolfville Farmers’ Market is located at 24 Elm St. (see map) in downtown Wolfville Nova Scotia, which is on unceded and unsurrendered Mi’kma’ki territory of the Mi’kmaq. This area and the Maritimes more generally, are covered by the “Treaties of Peace and Friendship” which Mi’kmaq and Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet) People first signed with the British Crown in 1725. The treaties did not deal with the surrender of lands and resources but in fact recognized Mi’kmaq and Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet) title and established the rules for what was to be an ongoing relationship between nations. 

We respect and honour the treaties that were made on all territories, we acknowledge the harms and mistakes of the past, and we are committed to move forward in partnership with Indigenous Nations in the spirit of reconciliation and collaboration. We also acknowledge that reconciliation requires much more than land acknowledgements, it requires a commitment to the Truth and Reconciliations Commision, the 94 Calls to Action and a future where Indigenous communities are supported and heard in a collective effort towards decolonization. 

To learn more about land acknowledgements (here (CBC) / here (Apihtawikosisan) / here (Acadia University) or what areas of land you are settling on (CAUT Guide to Land Acknowledgments) please see the resources in parenthesis (or even a google search!) As settlers we are responsible for the education of ourselves as we embark on decolonization together. 


HOURS: 4:00pm to 7:00pm every Wednesday, 8:30am to 1:00pm every Saturday

The Wolfville Farmers Market would like to accommodate your needs as best as possible, however, we recognize that there are many types of existing barriers one may face when accessing the Market. Please send inquiry, feedback or resources regarding accessibility and improvement by phone (call 902.697.3344) or email (

The Market actively promotes and encourages practices of social inclusion, multicultural inclusion, accessible and barrier-reduced or free space and freedom of gender expression. If there is anything you believe that we can do better please reach out to us through email ( or through phone (902.697.3344). 


Unless a visible service animal, dogs or any other pets are not permitted inside the market at any time. However we encourage you to enjoy your animals friends in our outdoor pavilion in the summer months or find a space near the market to tie them up, we are working towards having a hitch post for dogs. In the warmer months we also have a water bowl for pets outside, available for any pet needs! 


The Wolfville Farmers’ Market staff are on-call, ready and willing to assist with anything regarding physical access during market hours (Saturday 8:30am to 1:00pm/Wednesday 4:00pm to 7:00pm - call 902.697.3344/ email 

The main doors (located on Elm Ave) have one automatic button that opens the right door (button is located on the left side). However if you need both doors open our staff or volunteers are able to help (with both doors open there is 6ft of entrance space). All other doors require a turn, push or pull. 

The main entrance to the Wolfville Farmers’ Market is ground level, located behind the curling club and Festival Theatre; weather permitting, this door will be propped open. The whole building is located on one floor, with two small metal panels (1/2 inch off the ground, on each side) that separate the wooden room and the community room.

The west side entrance, located near the accessible parking spaces is located up a concrete pad, with a slight incline. Neither of these doors have buttons but are propped open, weather permitting. Located inside there is one private gender-neutral washroom (with a changing table), one designated male washroom (with braille) with one stall and two urinals and one designated female washroom (with braille) with seven stalls. Both gendered washrooms are push doors and the gender neutral washroom is a long-handled (pulling down on the handle) door. 

The aisleways between vendors are wide enough to accommodate wheelchair mobility, however at peak hours the market can experience high volumes of customers which means the aisles are often slow moving. 

The market has public wifi available during market hours. The wifi has no password and is an open network available for hookup to all devices, however be aware that the wifi is often slower during peak market hours because of the volume of connections. 



The Wolfville Farmers’ Market mission is to provide a fair and direct market venue for locally-produced goods and services in an environment that inspires and nourishes community. To reduce accessibility barriers related income the WFM created the ‘Food Bucks’ program. 

“Food Bucks” was a program originally researched and conceived by Acadia student, Jessica Wall, who was personally involved in launching the first program in Nova Scotia at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market.  In early years, the program was funded solely by local organizations and individuals who wanted to help community members experiencing food insecurity and social isolation. Significant support came from the Wolfville Community Fund, the Women of Wolfville theatre group, the Annapolis Valley Cider Company and numerous Market patrons.  Local funders continue to make significant contributions to this year’s program.

As recently as 2014, over 15% of Nova Scotians experienced food insecurity, including 22% of children, and food bank use has been steadily increasing in Nova Scotia[1]. A 2015 study found that Nova Scotia’s food insecurity rates were the highest in all of Canada[2], and seniors are particularly vulnerable to food insecurity[3], with 19.7% of Nova Scotian women over 65 and 14.7% of Nova Scotian men over 65 living in low-income households[4]. To learn more about this program please email our volunteer coordinator (

AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

The Wolfville Farmers’ Market does not currently have an AED Machine on site. There are four machines located nearby at: Wolfville Library, Wolfville Baptist Church, the Festival Theatre and the Wolfville Legion. The Library is open on Saturdays from 10am-5pm and on Wednesdays from 10am-8pm. Their unit is located in the front lobby visible as soon as you enter. This is the most accessible unit available during market hours. 

The Market is in the process of finding funding for our own AED machine! Stay tuned for more information. 


Bus Routes: CLICK HERE to view the Kings Transit System schedule for the complete list of bus routes. The bus stations that are within a short distance of the Wolfville Farmers’ Market are Mud Creek, Highland Ave/Baptist Church and Eastern Kings Memorial Health Centre. Each bus ticket is listed at $4.00 per ride for adults ($2.25 for students/seniors/children) 

Biking/Walking: The harvest moon trail connects Kentville, Port Williams, New Minas and the outskirts of Wolfville. The trail is maintained as mostly flat and gravel based. The WFM has one designated bike rack at the front entrance that can accommodate up to four bikes. There are also many other bike racks located on Main street, Front street, by the Library, etc. 

Parking: There are a number of parking spots immediately in front of the building designated for accessible parking only. Customers are asked to park in the Festival theatre parking lot or across the street at the public parking near the library, there are more space at the West Entrance, however these spots are designated for vendors and are often full. We ask that customers and vendors do not park in the parking lot directly across from the building, that lot belongs to our neighbours at the Curling Club who reserves the right to tow any vehicle parked there. The Town of Wolfville has also mapped out the many other public spaces to park to see where they are, please click here. 

Cellphone Charging Stations: The Wolfville Farmers’ Market currently has no designated charging areas, however there are several outlets near seated areas you are free to use at your own risk. While we trust and believe in the kindness and respectability of our community, the Wolfville Farmers’ Market is not responsible for any lost or stolen goods left unattended.  


Unless it is advertised otherwise per event, the Wolfville Farmers’ Market staff members speak and write fluently in English language only. However, we have a number of vendors during market hours who can assist with any translations needed, for inquiries please email ( or call (902.697.3344) the market. 



The Wolfville Farmers’ Market is a public space and although we encourage folks to refrain from using scents or bringing in outside food, plants or animals containing allergens, we cannot guarantee this in the space or at events. As we operate as an open space market, with a variety of prepared food, produce and craft goods we cannot guarantee the absence of any smells, foods, or plants. If you are worried about any of these please call (902.697.3344) or email (


Although the Wolfville Farmers’ Market does not personally sell alcohol, we have a number of small craft beer, wine and liquor vendors every Saturday Market. We do not allow or condone the use of outside alcohol or drug substances in the space.


Smoking (of any kind, including marijuana) or vaping within the Market is not permitted due to the Nova Scotia Smoke-Free Places Act which prohibits smoking or vaping in all indoor workplaces and public places. We ask that if you smoke you do not smoke within 20 meters of the front or west entrance doors of the market. 


The Wolfville Farmers’ Market  has no entrance fees during our market hours. However, as we often rent out our space to others in the community they are subject to door-fees, ticket prices or pay-what-you-can (PWYC). 

While the market is a space where products are sold and exchanged, the community, and space during the market are open to everyone who wishes to engage in the farmers’ market community. We have live music every market day and encourage you to stop by even if its only for a visit! 


We wish to make the Wolfville Farmers’ Market a welcoming, fun and caring space for community members, performers, employees and volunteers alike. If at anytime you are made to feel unsafe, see or have something to bring to our attention, please let an employee or volunteer know or contact us through email or phone. Any concern brought to our attention, either at or outside of the Market will be taken seriously. 

The Wolfville Farmers’ Market is adapting anti-violence, gender inclusive and pro-survivor policies, and will not tolerate discrimination or violent acts, which includes but is not limited to: racism, white supremacy, sexism, homophobia/heterosexism, transphophia, queerphobia, sizeism, ableist and ageist comments, sexualized and all acts of violence and harassment towards any customers, vendors or staff. This is in effect at all times and under all conditions at the market. 

What is safe space? Read more about it here or read other policy statements here


The Wolfville Farmers’ Market is dedicated to creating a safer environment for all members of the Wolfville Community. We recognize that Sexual Assault is a serious offence with significant impacts on individuals and community that is often under-reported and under-addressed; therefore, addressing Sexual Assault through a Survivor Centric and Anti Oppressive framework is essential to building an accessible and care based space. We understand that there are many physical, emotional, social, environmental, and structural factors that may prevent those who have experienced Sexual Violence from reporting or disclosing their experiences. In Canada, less than 10 percent of all Sexual Assaults are reported to police. We know that Sexual Assault can occur between individuals regardless of sex/gender, sexual orientation, race/culture/ethnicity, migrant status, Indigenous identity, class, disability, or age.


We would like to thank the Khyber Centre for the Arts for providing deep inspiration and influence on the creation of this page, we are grateful to have community organizations at the forefront actively promoting safe and care based space. The market will be taking an active role to continue developing policy and accessible information to ensure a space where everyone is able to feel safe and cared for. 

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