MarketWurks Vendor Sign-up

Welcome to our new Vendor Sign-up Process.   All Vendors, including Casuals, Bi-Weekly, Seasonal or Contracted Vendors will need to Register once and then they will only need to  Renew on an Annual Basis starting this May.

For those looking to have contracts for the coming year, you will need to have this filled in by May 1st, 2019.

For those wishing to attend as a Bi-Weekly, Seasonal or Casual Vendor, you will need to have this filled in before being able to attend a Market.  



Before you sit down to fill in the new Registration with MarketWurks; please keep in mind that Casual and Contracted Vendors will be required to agree to having read the Policies and Procedures Manual this year (they have been updated).

Not-for-Profits will need to have read and agree to the Not-for-Profit Guidelines.

Community Business Booth Vendors will need to have read and agree to the Community Business Booth Guidelines.


Contracted and Casual Vendors, if you want to be completely prepared before you start, then read the guide below as preparation, keeping in mind that there are 6 sections in this Application Process; and Fill in the Application Form.   

Not-for-Profits and Community Business Booth Vendors are only required to fill in the fields that say required. Everyone else is to fill in all fields that apply to them.


Fill in a New Application, found at the bottom of this page, keeping in mind that it doesn’t recognize autofill, so type in your email address etc. Also, be sure to fill in your promo information as this is what will show up on the website and if there is nothing there, frankly, it looks like you don’t care about your business or your organization.

STEP four

Finally, please understand that once I have reviewed and approved your application, you will get an automatic email that details all that is in your profile and what you will owe for the sum total of all the Markets you are approved for.  

If you are a casual vendor, not-for-profit or community business booth vendor you will not have booked certain dates and so there will be no figure sent to you. Casuals and Community Business Booth Vendors will pay $52 (tax in) on Saturdays and $32 (tax in) on Wednesdays.


For Contracted Vendors, depending on whether you decided to pay monthly or weekly we will divide your Total by the number of weeks you are attending or the number of months you are attending, and we will share this with you through a second email.   We are hoping that more vendors will start paying monthly.

Application Guide

Renewal or New Application: This year everyone is submitting a New Application

Contact Information: This is the easiest part to fill out and just asks for your business name, email address etc.

Market Date Requests:  This is where you will request all of your dates for the year.

  • Casuals, Not-for-Profits and Community Business Booth Vendors:  Please note that even though the form asks for you to request dates, casuals cannot request dates in advance and we will continue to operate as per the Casual Booking Process, with casuals asking on a week by week basis to attend the Market by email. Not-for-Profits and Community Business Booth Vendors are to follow their respective booking processes.

  • Vendors requesting to come Bi-weekly or Seasonally (at least ten weeks in a row) can put down the dates they want and I will need to get back to them with clarity on whether or not that is possible.

  • Winter Wednesdays:   You will see that I haven’t included the Winter Wednesday, and that is because I still need to work with the Board on establishing a few more policies about this market before we open it up.  I will be able to add your dates for these markets at a later time.

  • Cancellations:  Our cancellation policy is not changing and so even though you sign up for all dates, you are still able to cancel in accordance with the cancellation policy (which you can find when you read the policies, which you are required to do)

  • Changes:  If you wish to add market dates at another time, I have the ability to add them on my end, so no worries.

Table Fee Calculation:  In this section you will be asked a number of questions that will help us determine your fee calculation.  You will be asked what services you need to use, how long your contract is for, whether you are a member or not, and more.  Here are some things to keep in mind when filling in this part.

  • Casual Vendors and Community Business Booth Vendors pay $52 (tax in) on Saturdays and $32 (tax in) on Wednesdays regardless of location or services

  • Not-for-Profit Vendors receive a complimentary space but are required to follow the not-for-profit guidelines found in the Vendors Corner of the Website

  • Services/Sinks:  Note that if you share a sink with someone you pay $1 per market; however if you have a double booth which allows you use of two sinks you are to pay $2 per market.   

  • Services/Electricity:   In an effort to be more fair and also encourage thoughtful use of electricity, whenever a vendor uses an additional outlet (with two receptacles on each outlet) in addition to the complimentary use of one outlet, they are to pay an additional $1/ per outlet/per market.

  • Services/Over the week Refrigeration:    In an effort to be more fair and also encourage thoughtful use of electricity, vendors will pay $3 per week to have fridges or freezers left on throughout the week.    Unfortunately, the table fee calculator can only add fees/per market not per week, and so if you leave your freezer on for the week but come to two markets, you will mark down that you are paying $1.5/market and if you are coming once/week, then you would indicate that you are paying $3 per market.

  • Booth Size:  If you don’t know your booth size, don’t worry...I do, and I can fill this in properly.  But essentially the small booths are the ones in the centre aisles; and the prepared food booths along the south/window wall in the Wooden Room and the North side in the yellow room are medium sized; and the farm booths along the north wall  and outdoor booths are large. Some people have two booths and there is an option to choose that. One vendor has a large booth and a small booth and they can choose one of each.

  • Not on the Form:

    • Membership Payment Options:  Lucky for us, we have had 5 new Members join the Market this year; and also some people are still paying into their membership fee (given that Members have three years to pay off their Membership Fee).  However because these are tax free payments they cannot be calculated as part of your fee (as the system will want to tax everything); and so please let us know how you want to pay your membership fee and we will add this on to your weekly or monthly or annual fee separately)

    • Use of kitchen for prep:   As this is a conditional service that some vendors use weekly, we will add this fee to your weekly fee when we come to collect, based on your usage

Product Information:   Please share with us which products you will be bringing to market and share information about your production methods and ingredients.

Promotion Information:  Besides your contact information, this is the only other information we will make public and use to promote you.  It will appear on our website as your profile.

Permits/Agreements:   This is where you are to download copies of all your permits including public food permits and food handling certificates.  If you don’t have these items upon registration you can get them to me later and I can download them for you.