WFM2Go Volunteer Position


WFM2Go Volunteer Position

Are you interested in being a part of WFM2Go, our new online ordering service? We are looking for someone to fill a volunteer position! If you are passionate about local, want to get involved with your community, and help build a new local project that increases access to local food - this might be the right volunteer opportunity for you! 

About WFM2Go
Want to help communities around Wolfville gain easier access to local food? WFM2Go is the new online version of the Wolfville Farmers’ Market. Customers are able to order from over 16 WFM producers and 150 products and have them delivered to a Community Hub. Currently we are delivering to Community Hubs in Wolfville, Canning, and Berwick.

About the position
As a WFM2Go Volunteer, you will be serving a project that is helping to provide communities with local food options, boosting the economy, and building vibrant Community Hubs. This position will allow the volunteer to build resume skills such as marketing, promotion, meal planning, cooking workshops, etc.

Hub Pick-Up Day Tasks - bi-weekly commitment  (at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market - 24 Elm Ave)  

  • Help the WFM2Go Coordinator with packing orders Wednesday from 2pm-4pm

  • Hand out orders at the Wolfville Hub on Wednesday nights from 4pm-6:00pm

  • Chat with customers about the service during pick-up to keep the personal touch with this online service

  • Put away bins, pamphlets, booth at the end of the pick-ups

Optional Weekly Tasks
(Optional Weekly Tasks are not mandatory, but a chance to boost resume skills and help wtih WFM2Go Coordinator)

  • Help with promotion of events through development of grocery lists, recipes, meal planning, etc.

  • Help with development and planning of Community Hub workshops which may include, food waste workshops, preserving and fermenting workshops, cooking workshops, etc.

We ask that the WFM2Go Volunteer commit to working alternate Wednesday’s 2pm-6pm until September (or longer if available).

Strong communication and organizational skills, a positive and outgoing attitude, interest in local food systems and community development, and be community minded.

Optional Qualifications
It is not recommended, however preference will be given to a volunteer with an educational background in environmental studies or nutrition and dietetics.

If interested: Please send an email with an expression of interest to Lindsay at by July 31st

More About WFM2Go

First Twelve Weeks

As the WFM is potentially the first Farmers’ Market to start its own online store, it is important to make sure it is done thoughtfully, professionally and sustainably.  Given this, for the first twelve weeks, WFM2Go will start with 14 WFM vendors offering around 150 products and able to serve approximately 30 to 50 customers each week at three hub locations.

First Subsequent Year

The Wolfville Farmers’ Market has committed to this project year-round for the first year in order to assess its viability through the seasons. During this year, the WFM will assess and increase the number of  vendors, Community Hubs and customers according to capacity and growth potential.  The Market has no intention of stopping at the end of this period, but has committed to 15 months regardless of any potential challenges.

Intended Social Impact and Priority Outcomes

The Wolfville Farmers’ Market is not just looking to sell more products. If successful, the social impact the cooperative hopes to make, is to grow a robust local economy and healthy connected communities.  

Its priority outcomes are:

  • Inspiring vibrant community hubs

    • Creating a community of sustainable small businesses

      • Providing access to quality local products

The Community Hubs

The Community Hubs are made up of community members and organizations interested in increasing access to fresh local food in their community.  During the pick-up hour, each hub will have a unique offering depending on the needs and assets of the community.  Some will offer programming, some a speakers series, some will offer recipe swaps or sampling demos or “meet the farmer” days.  Depending on the partnership involved in each hub,  it will also offer an opportunity for community members to donate gift certificates to others identified in their community by the hub in an effort to increase access to fresh and local products.  

Hub Contacts

WFM2Go Contact
Kelly Marie Redcliffe

Canning Hub Contact
Jennie Weisner

Berwick Hub Contact
Kelsey Best

Who Wins in this new Food Distribution Model

This new food distribution model, which builds on the Farmers’ Market Cooperative model, is meant to address the needs and wishes of everyone in the food system.  The producers gains new customers to help them build sustainable farms. The WFM diversifies its own income while aggregating and delivering product for its vendors in a sustainable operation.  The Community Hubs can build a unique community development opportunity around accessible local food.  And, of course, the consumer gets increased service, choice and convenience along with connection and quality fresh local products while paying the same prices for products as those who buy from the brick and mortar Wolfville Farmers’ Market.

How to Participate

Those who wish to become early adopters of this service can read more and sign-up now at: We have also started a WFM2Go Facebook Page and Instagram Account for those who want to be part of the WFM2Go community. The first ordering period starts on Wednesday June 28th at 7 pm, closes on Monday, July 3rd at 5pm with the first delivery taking place on Wednesday July 5th.

Kelly Marie Redcliffe
Manager, Wolfville Farmers' Market

Kelly Redcliffe