Zero Market Waste


We have made a commitment to become a Zero Waste Market over the next year.  There are two main ways that we are working to achieving this.  

The first stage has been to create a single Waste Sort Station where customers bring all their waste to one location (near our Good Food Hub Kitchen) where we have a volunteer on hand to help people sort properly according to the guidelines of our Valley Waste Management system.   This initiative alone has reduced our contribution to the landfill from approximately 22 bags of garbage per week to approximately 2.  The rest, now properly sorted, is recycled or composted.    This initiative is made possible thanks to a partnership with volunteers from Acadia University's Community Development Program.  

Now we are working with our vendors to package their products in recyclables, compostables or re-usables by supporting them as they purchase these containers (through an aggregated order).

Customers can check with vendors to see if they have a refund for returns on glass containers. Also many vendors are very happy to reuse egg cartons or fruit and veggie boxes.  Market Customers are also encouraged to bring their own coffee mugs, to bring a market plate, and cloth bags as part of their Market routine.  We have cotton Market Bags (made by Atlantic Bag Company in Dartmouth) that we sell at cost for $5 at the information booth to help with this.



Kelly Redcliffe