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Nourishing Community Food Bucks Program

The Nourishing Community Food Bucks Project is an annual program where families who are vulnerable to food insecurity are given Market Money to participate in the Market during the harvest season either at the Market or in their own community, through WFM2Go. Participants not only gain access to fresh local food, they have the ability to make their own healthy, dignified choices while also experiencing the connection that comes from knowing their producers and being active participants in their community. At the same time, local farmers and producers are supported as they grow and make food and keep local farmland in production.

Those who would like to learn more about how to contribute  to the Nourishing Community Food Bucks Program, can read about it here; or may contact  Market Manager, Kelly Marie Redcliffe


Market Supper Group Bookings

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We offer an easy, popular and affordable option for large groups to dine with our community. Every Wednesday the WFM hosts a Market Supper from 4-7pm for $10 with a complimentary serving of bread and salad and food choices rom over ten vendors. Groups as large as 60 can pre-book here. We can invoice you in advance by email and then groups can pay by check in advance or when the group arrives. See which vendors will be attending here.

Attendees love our suppers because there is comfortable seating, clean washrooms, and a wide variety of amazing food at a good price with no waiting around at tables to be served. Bus drivers like it because there is easy parking for them. Organizers like it because they can make plans in advance and it serves two purposes: showing their guests something of local significance while offering a dine with the locals experience. Organizers also like the easy process for booking and the warm welcome.


student Market money Packages

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Wolfville Farmers’ Market  offers Student Market Money packages which are a great way for students to purchase fresh local groceries while also getting out into the community to enjoy some live music, perhaps attend a Market Supper, in an environment that nurtures community.  Students are attracted to the Market for many reasons: many get involved as volunteers, enjoy the positive healthy intergenerational atmosphere, appreciate the environmental stewardship of our farmers, and our zeroing waste efforts. Many just like to get out in the community and get rejuvenated. Interested in a unique food plan that nourishes body and soul?

Choose from a variety of Student Market Money Packages for the semester or on a monthly basis and sign up here.

In return you receive

  • Market Money according to selected package (picked up weekly , monthly or simply held at the Info Booth and collected as desired)

  • a simple weekly recipe using in-season ingredients,

  • a free market bag,

  • A weekly connection with community while knowing that you are supporting local producers with environmentally sustainable growing practices


Zero Waste Programs

The goal of our Waste Management strategy is to limit the amount of garbage the WFM sends to the landfill, and create a positive community experience where we collectively work towards improving our environmental footprint.

Find more info here!


Earth Ambassadors (Feb 2, 2019-April 3, 2019)

Calling all space explorers! The Earth Ambassadors Kids Club needs your help! A strange alien that goes by the name of Cosmo has crashed here on earth. Through some communication, it has been learned that the Cosmo cannot return back to his home until he learns more about how humans live here on earth… The only thing is, adults can’t teach him! Cosmo’s homebase is currently at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market every Wednesday and Saturday and is requiring kids to help teach him about the way of life on earth! Especially around the topics of food and the planet! Are you up for the challenge?

Check out the schedule here.


Kitchen Wizards (mid-october until end-december)

Kitchen Wizards is an exciting program designed to lead children, especially those ages 6-12, on a quest to explore the magic of local produce; what it is, where it grows, and how delicious it tastes. Funded by the Wolfville Farmers’ Market, the wizards from the Acadia School of Nutrition and Dietetics create delicious recipes for tasting, while sharing their passion for local and healthy food.

To participate, kids will come to the Market and sign up for a free Kitchen Wizard Stamp Sheet at the Kitchen Wizards Booth. Any time they return to the Market and try a sample from the Kitchen Wizards booth, they will receive a $3 Magic Token to buy Market produce with. The program takes place on Wednesdays (4-7pm) and Saturdays (8:30am-1pm) from October 10th until November 28th. For more information, please contact Cassidy Franklin at or 902-697-3344.