WFM2Go is the Wolfville Farmers’ Market’s online ordering and weekly delivery service!


We want our local farmers and producers to grow their operations in order to have a more healthy local food system. To do this, WFM2Go brings customers and producers closer together with a convenient and easy online shopping experience. Customers support local farmers and producers, allowing them to grow in a sustainable way. In return, not only do they feel great about their choices, but they get superbly fresh local products that are delicious and healthy. With delivery to seven hub locations in HRM and the Valley, WFM2Go increases the reach of our farmers and producers. Together, we are growing more local!

How it works:

Shop from 30 vendors and over 300 local products, then on Wednesday pick up your orders from one of our seven local hub locations. Ordering is open every Wednesday at 7pm until Monday at 7pm, giving our local producers Tuesday to pick and pack your orders. On Wednesday, each farmer and producer comes to the Wolfville Farmers'Market to pack your bin so that your order can be delivered to your hub location for you to pick up and enjoy that same day!

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Together we the eaters, growers, and community are working together to create a new food distribution model. In our model the smaller scale producers are valued, the local economy bolstered, a sense of community honoured and the consumer understood and offered the services they need for their full and vibrant lives.

What to expect?

When you sign up as a customer you will receive an email detailing the service and how it works. After you are signed up, you can place your order between Wednesday at 7pm to Monday at 7pm. This gives the farmers and producers the day Tuesday to harvest and pack your orders, and delivery to the market on Wednesdays. For each week that you place an order, it will be delivered to your Market Hub. Here are our current Hubs: 

Hub Pickup Details 

Tantallon, Cornerstone Naturopathic, 14 Olde School Rd. Upper Tantallon, Wednesday 3pm-5pm

Lindsay Clowes, WFM2Go Coordinator

Lindsay Clowes, WFM2Go Coordinator

Dartmouth, Mondo's Convenience, 95 Montebello Dr., Wednesday 3pm-10pm or Thursday 10am-10pm

Bedford, Mabata Restaurant 636 Bedford Hwy, Halifa Wednesday 4pm - 5:30pm

Halifax, Fox Hill Deli & Market, 2760 Robie St, Halifax Wednesday 3pm-5:30pm or Thursday 8am-5:30pm

Wolfville Farmers' Market, 24 Elm Ave. 1pm-5:30pm

Windsor, Schoolhouse Brewery, 40 Water St., Windsor Wednesday 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Port Williams, (First delivery Sept 26th) Port Williams Recreation, 1045 Main St. Wednesday 5pm-6pm

Berwick, WKM Health Center Wednesday 6pm - 7pm

Canning, Canning and District Multiplex Wednesday 6:15pm - 7pm

Visit to find out how to start a Market Hub!



Did you know that in Canada our food travels an average of 3,000km! With WFM2Go, our food is grown and produced right in your backyard! We calculated that the furthest a product may travel is 350 KM (from the farm to the market for packing to our furthest hub)! That's around 90% less traveling. If you are interested in seeing where your food and locally made products are coming from, check out our interactive map