Welcome to WFM2Go

WFM2Go is the new online version of the Wolfville Farmers’ Market (WFM). This online store and delivery service brings the quality and variety of our fresh local products right to your community. You will be able to choose exactly what you want from a list of available WFM products online and have them delivered to your very own community on a weekly basis!


Together we the eaters, growers, and community are working together to create a new food distribution model. In our model the smaller scale producers are valued, the local economy bolstered, a sense of community honoured and the consumer understood and offered the services they need for their full and vibrant lives.

What to expect?

Community Hub

When you sign up as a customer you will receive an email detailing the service and how it works. After you are signed up, you can place your order between Wednesday nights at 7pm to Monday nights at 7pm. This gives the farmers and producers the day Tuesday to harvest and pack your orders, and delivery to happen on Wednesdays. For each week that you place an order, it will be delivered to your Community Hub. Here are our current Hubs: 

Berwick - Kings Mutual Century Centre, 6:30pm-7:30pm
Canning - Canning and District Multicomplex, 6pm-7pm
Windsor - Clockmaker's Inn, 6pm-7pm
Wolfville - Wolfville Farmers' Market, 4pm-6pm

Thanks to the Hub hosts in your community, you will be able to join your neighbours as you collect your weekly order. You will even be able to donate funds to your choice of food bank and/or Community Organizer so these volunteers can share on-line vouchers that empower those in your community to choose local food.

Workplace Hub

Coming soon! 










Head to WFM2Go, the online version of the Wolfville Farmers' Market