Zero Waste Programs

The goal of our Waste Management strategy is to limit the amount of garbage the WFM sends to the landfill, and create a positive community experience where we collectively work towards improving our environmental footprint.

  • We have only one indoor Waste Sorting Station with signage that tells customers where to put each item that they are likely to  find at the Market (photos of actual items) so that only what has to go in the landfill does. We keep an eye on the sort station and even resort what our customers get wrong.  

  • We also have a program to encourage our vendors to offer compostables by buying them in bulk for them.  Many of our vendors take the extra step and offer returnable containers or discounts to those who bring their own.

  • At the info booth we have a “Take a bag, Leave a Bag, Buy a Bag” program to share reusable bags and help people avoid using plastic bags.  

  • In 2018 we launched an annual Zero Waste Day where we challenge our vendors, ourselves and our customers to go one step further working together to achieve zero waste.  

  • We also have launched our Community Coffee Mug program so that we can further reduce our contribution to the landfill by eliminating the need for disposable coffee cups at the Market.