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Province invests in farmers market food coupon program


The program will help low-income households purchase healthy and locally produced food, along with improving Nova Scotians' food literacy


Jul 2, 2021 6:00 PM By: Chris Stoodley

Nova Scotia is putting money toward a program that aims to help low-income households purchase fresh, healthy and locally produced food, along with improving peoples' food literacy.  READ MORE...



Kitchen Wizards is an exciting program that promotes the consumption of local fruits and vegetables to kids.

First year nutrition students at Acadia University choose a simple 5-ingredient recipe with a local grown vegetable as the main ingredient & prepare free samples for distribution to our Market Community!

This program was (and will be again) offered during the Public Market, but during COVID has been adapted to work with our WFM2Go program.  Keep an eye out for a delicious surprise in your orders this Fall!

Our partnership with the Acadia School of Nutrition and Dietetics is an important one that we are delighted to maintain even during COVID.  Recipes developed through this program will also be available at the Market Information Booth.

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