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Make a Difference in Your Community

The Vision of the Wolfville Farmers’ Market Cooperative is to better the health and vibrancy of our community. As an organization that cares intrinsically about its community, we have always developed accessible community programming as part of our Market. Whether donating to the market, purchasing market money, or sponsoring one of our programs, you are contributing to the health and vibrancy of our community and strengthening local food infrastructure.

We have three options on how you can support the market, each with different payment options. Please read the information below to see which option works best for you.


Since the Nourishing Communities program began, 167 families have participated, purchasing more than $82,000 of local produce from Market Money provided by the program. Your purchase of Market Money helps to keep this program anonymous for participants. 


Many milestones of the Market are thanks to community donations, including the renovation of the Dewolfe building, that we now call home. 
Donations made will go directly towards programming that benefits the community.

Purchasing Market Money

What is Market Money?

Market Money is a currency that can only be used at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market. When you purchase market money it helps the market in two ways: It helps to keep our Nourishing Coupons Program anonymous by having Market Money in circulation. It keeps your money hyper-local, allowing it to only be spent with vendors at our Saturday Market. This means that 100% of your dollars are staying within the local community.  Market Money makes a great gift for University Students, teachers, friends & family. Think of it as you would a gift certificate, put it in a stocking, add it in a birthday card - it’s a wonderful gift!

How do I Purchase Market Money?

Choose one of the options below to purchase Market Money. If purchasing as a gift that you would like mailed, please follow the instructions under "e-transfers". 




Purchase Market Money by credit card at the Market Office (24 Elm Ave) on Wednesdays from 10am - 4pm or Saturdays 8:30am - 1pm.

Fill out this form and send an

e-transfer to The market Money will be mailed to you within 5 business days.

Purchase Market Money by cash at the Market Office (24 Elm Ave) on Wednesdays from 10am - 4pm or Saturdays 8:30am - 1pm.


Donate to Community Programming

What support do donations offer?

Donations made to the Market go directly towards our community programming fund. We offer many programs that benefit many members of our community. You can read in more detail about each of our programs here.

Can I get a tax receipt for my donation?


Send an e-transfer donation to

If you would like a non-tax receipt, indicate so in the notes and include your email address. 


Securely donate to our community programming fund using your credit card.


Please visit the office inside the Market (24 Elm Ave) on Wednesdays from 10am - 4pm or Saturdays 8:30am - 1pm or send by mail to 24 Elm Ave Wolfville, NS

B4P 1Z9.

No, as a Non-Profit Cooperative we can offer you a receipt, however we cannot issue a charitable tax receipt. 

Donations can be made by credit card, e-transfer, or cash. Please choose an option below to determine how you would like to donate. 

How do a place a donation?


Sponsorships are a great way to partner with the Market and show your support for the community. Sponsors of the Market get thousands of views through our newsletter, website, and signage at the Saturday Market. 

Become a Market Sponsor

About the Sponsorhip Program

The Vision of the Wolfville Farmers’ Market is to better the health and vibrancy of our community; and in that spirit we wanted to reach out to like-minded businesses seeking to contribute to their community while gaining exposure and recognition at the Market. The Wolfville Farmers’ Market is one of the most consistently busy and well attended events in Kings County. We have built a multi-platform community outreach network that reaches thousands each week at our weekly market, store and online delivery service, through our e-news, websites and social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We know our community is active and engaged. We are offering that opportunity to businesses who wish to reach that audience and share our values of community and supporting local. As an organization that cares intrinsically about its community, we have always developed accessible community programming as part of our Market. We are hoping to improve our programming in a way that is more consistent and better supported and to ensure this we wanted to reach out to others interested in partnering with us to achieve this while receiving recognition for their community engagement.

Why choose to sponsor the Market?

We are not just looking for sponsors, we are also looking for partners. We see our sponsors as people or businesses or organizations who share our values and our dreams for a more healthy and vibrant community. And we want to do this with you. Some great reasons to sponsor the Market are that you can engage and contribute within the community you live in and demonstrate to potential clients that you generously give back. You will be publicly demonstrating your commitment to sustainability, local economy, sustainable agriculture, food resiliency, multi-generational and multicultural community health and wellness. Market supporters are committed people who appreciate the role the Wolfville Farmers’ Market plays in enriching their community and are especially appreciative of the various community programs offered. Community Programs: The Market has a Kids Program, a Music Program, a Nourishing Community Food Bucks Program, a complimentary not-for-profit Community Table at the Market each week, A Zero Waste Program and most recently the Sunflower Project provides supported vendor opportunities for people of colour.

We have three sponsorship options




We are looking for one at $5000 or two at $2500 each We book live music from local musicians weekly year-round and have played an important and valuable role in the local music scene offering a regular paid gig; but also exposure and experience for our new and seasoned talent. Marketing Opportunities: -Logo on A-Frame that also promotes performer for the day displayed prominently whenever music is playing (Saturday Markets) -Sponsorship Credit on all Music Listings on our Website (monthly traffic: 2.1k) -Sponsorship Logo on Each E-news with Music Listing (weekly traffic: over 1000 viewership) -Logo on Partners Page of Website -Your Community Profile in our e-news once per sponsorship -Discounted Rentals (not-for-profit rates) of the Community Room, Good Food Hub Kitchen or Whole Building

We are looking for one sponsor for each Month Opportunities: -Sponsor of the Month Signage on A-frame at entrance of the Market -Your Community Profile in our WFM e-news -Sponsorship Logo on all WFM e-news for the month -Use of Partnership Booth for two Saturdays that month -Logo on Partners Page of Website -Discounted Rentals of the Community Room, Good Food Hub Kitchen or Whole Building

We are looking for one Sponsor for each event Signature Events: - Seedy Saturday - May - Pumpkin Palooza - October - Yule Market - December Opportunities: -Logo on Seasonal Posters (60 distributed through Wolfville, Acadia U and Kings County) -Your Community Profile in our e-news for event day -Sponsorship Credit on Event Listing on our Website (up year-round) -Sponsorship Logo on each E-news with the Event Listing -Free Booth during the Event -If offering programming related to the event, that this also be included in the event description being promoted.


Have questions?

Contact us by email at or give us a call at 902 697 3344

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