Welcome Vendors

The Wolfville Farmers’ Market is a Not-for-Profit Cooperative. Essentially this means that we are a team, working collectively to benefit from our shared resources. We, the vendors and the Members, made and make our Market. with our community.   If you would like to be part of our cooperative as a vendor then please review our handouts, apply to come through our on-line application, sign up for our Vendor ENews, and check out the Farmers' Markets of Nova Scotia website where you can gain access to numerous resources to help you with your business.

Food Vendors:  All vendors selling ANY food product must read the Guidelines for Public Markets and then apply for a Public Food Permit. They must also have a current Food Handlers Certificate. To find out when they are availalbe or for further details about food safety at the Market, please be in touch with our Food Safety Specialist, Sheldon Stone at: sheldon.stone@novascotia.ca or by phone 902-679-6012.



Vendor Guides

Download our brochures for more information on being a Vendor with our Cooperative

How to Become a Vendor (1.3MB PDF)

Booking Process for Casuals Vendors (Google Doc)

Tips for New Casual Vendors (707KB PDF)

Handbook for Contracted Vendors (PDF)

Policies & Procedures (Google Doc)

Community Business Booth Guidelines (Google Doc)

Not-For-Profit Booth Guidelines (Google Doc)

For Vendor Resources Visit Farmersmarketsnovascotia.com