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Welcome to our Vendor Sign-up Process.   All Vendors including Casuals, Bi-Weekly, Seasonal or Contracted Vendors need to Register.

If you participated in the last season you may Renew your Application.  Otherwise, proceed with the New Vendor Application.

Musicians and Not-for-Profits can simply fill in the form (without taking all the other steps listed here, and indicating with the first question that this is who you are).



Read the Policies and Procedures Manual, 

the 2022 Market Guidelines (containing unique guidelines for this year)

& the Application Guide below.  



Fill in an Application found at the bottom of this page. (the form does not recognize autofill, so manually key in your information.)  **Be sure to include your promo information as this is what will display on the website to educate customers on who you are and encourage them to visit you!



Once we have reviewed and approved your application, you will receive an email detailing your profile information & amounts owing for all approved Markets.


Renewal or New Application: Please indicate if you are Renewing or submitting a New Application. You can only use the Renew option if you participated in the prior season (Holiday 2022) and otherwise will be considered a New Vendor.

Contact Information: This is the easiest part to fill out and just asks for your business name, email address etc.

Market Date Requests:  This is where you will request all of your dates for the year.

  • Vendors requesting to come Bi-weekly or Weekly  (at least ten weeks in a row) can put down the dates they want and we will get back to you with clarity on whether or not that is possible.

  • *Casuals:  Please note that even though the form asks for you to request dates, casuals cannot request dates in advance and we will continue to operate the way we do, with casuals asking on a week by week basis to attend the Market by making weekly change requests using your MarketWurks profile.

  • Cancellations:  Vendors are required to give 48 hours notice to cancel.  If vendors do not give 48 hours notice, they will be expected to pay for their booth. The exception to this during COVID, is if you have COVID symptoms and you need to stay home, we will not ask you to pay.  Outdoor Vendors who need to cancel due to weather are advised to cancel in advance and then rebook at the last minute if they decide they would like to come after all.

  • Changes:  If you wish to add or cancel market dates at another time, please make the request using your MarketWurks profile.

Table Fee Calculation:  In this section you will be asked a number of questions that will help us determine your fee calculation.  Weekly fees will be based on a (1) Base Fee plus a (2) Booth Fee depending on size and type of Booth and (3) any additional services you require (4) less any discounts you are eligible for.


Product Information:   Please share with us which products you will be bringing to market and share information about your production methods and ingredients.

Promotion Information:  Besides your contact information, this is the only other information we will make public and use to promote you.  It will appear on our website as your profile.  Use this space to promote your business to new potential customers!

Permits/Agreements:   Upload copies of all your permits including public food permits and food handling certificates.  If you don’t have these items upon registration you can send them to us via email and we will upload them to your profile for you. 

Before you apply
Applicton Guide

Have you read the information above?

Appy & Renew
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